Hello, my friend . . .

First, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you’re looking forward to what’s ahead for you. And I know for sure that if you’re committed to Christ and His ways it will be good. That good life is ours as members of God’s family.

Second, I want to lift some pressure from you if you’re feeling rushed or perhaps even defeated. Maybe you really want to begin the New Year with the 21-day fast, but you’re not ready. You haven’t prepared. And you feel apprehensive about jumping into the experience when you’re not sure what to do.

Breathe. It’s all okay. Here is what I encourage you to do so you won’t miss out on this powerful way to start your New Year drawing nearer to God and growing in your faith.

One: Plan a day to start. You can even start today or tomorrow if you follow the advice that follows. There is no hard a fast rule that you have to begin your New Year Fast on a specific day. So plan a day that works for you. That’s totally ok.

Two: Plan two are three days of really simple meals. Make a big pot of soup. I encourage you to find where you can purchase Bob’s Red Mill soup mixes. They are easy to make, totally Daniel Fast compliant, and very good for you. Also, make a pot of brown rice. Buy some veggies to saute. And some oatmeal or muesli with some unsweetened plant-based milk. Easy-peasy. You can do this, ~Contact.FirstName~. Please embrace this truth: the Daniel Fast is NOT about the food. It’s about being with your Lord. Keep your meals simple.

Three: Meet with your Lord. Open your heart to Him and identify a purpose for your fast. Is there a relationship that needs healing? Do you have financial pressures? Is there a loved one who needs your prayer? Do you want to learn how to better hear from God? What needs do you have? Your Father loves to help you. So, define a purpose for your fast.

Four: Start weaning your body off caffeine so you can avoid the excruciating headaches, leg cramps, and debilitating fatigue. Even if you decide to start the fast tomorrow give yourself some grace and begin while you’re weaning from the caffeine.

I hope this helps you if you want to receive the priceless benefits that extended prayer and fasting gives . . . but you also know you’re not quite ready. Get ready not. It’s okay. And then begin. 

Come to Me is the name of the Daniel Fast I will lead for the New Year. I would be honored and blessed for you to join me. My number one goal is to lead you in three weeks of inspired teachings so you can grow in your faith, fall deeper in love with your Lord, and learn more about the amazing life you can have as you give more of who you are to all of who God is.

Jesus has rest for you, ~Contact.FirstName~. He offers His rest. He wants you to have His peace. And He wants you to receive comfort, security, and confidence in His love.

In Come to Me, I will guide you on a successful fasting experience.

  • You’ll have all the recipes you need to prepare your simple meals.
  • I’ll teach you about biblical fasting and how it can be a life-changing and faith-building experience for you.
  • The series of video lessons you’ll use each week will help you love Jesus more, trust Jesus more, and learn how to come to Jesus and be in His presence.
  • You’ll receive daily devotionals to feed your soul and encourage you.
  • Each Saturday I’ll host LIVE online gatherings where I’ll teach, and you can also ask questions you may have about your faith and your fast.
  • And I’ll also teach you how to complete the fast with success.

Join Come to Me

I hope you’ll join with me and others as we give good riddance to 2020 and begin 2021 with our eyes on Christ and our hearts open to the love, care, peace, rest, and direction only He can give.

Be blessed, and I would be honored to have you join me on the fast.