The New Year Fast 2024 with Seek Him First

A Journey to a God-Centered Life!


 Check out this video to learn essential information about the Daniel Fast. It’s a little old, but the information is timeless. 

The Daniel Fast Course opens January 2nd

Course Title: Seek Him First: a Journey to a God-Centered Life

21 Daily Lessons with Worksheets

Easy Daniel Fast Compliant Recipes and Menu Plans

4 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Discover Deep Renewal: the Power of Prayer and Fasting


Step into a personal retreat with God during the 21-day Daniel Fast. ‘Seek Him First: A Journey to a God-Centered Life’ offers a transformative escape from daily distractions, guiding you toward a life saturated with clarity, purpose, and God’s unwavering presence. Enroll now and experience a course designed to deepen your faith, align your everyday actions with Christ-centered wisdom, and embrace a spiritually enriched life. Join us on this profound journey of faith, peace, and personal growth.

Seek Him First: Faith, Focus, Fulfillment

With enthusiasm and expectations, join in a transformative journey with ‘Seek Him First: A Journey to a God-Centered Life.’ Prioritize Your Faith: Learn to place God at the forefront of every aspect of your life, finding more profound meaning and purpose. Cultivate Focus: Break free from distractions and develop a clear, God-centered vision. Achieve Spiritual Fulfillment: Experience the profound peace and joy that comes from a close relationship with God. Embrace these principles to nurture your spiritual growth and enrich your daily walk with God.

Put God First

in Your Life

Live By

His Word

Be Blessed and

Be a Blessing

What You Will Learn

  • Prioritizing God in Daily Life: Understanding how to make God the central focus of each day.
  • Effective Prayer Practices: Learning methods for deepening and enriching daily prayer.
  • Scriptural Meditation Techniques: How to meditate on Scripture for guidance and wisdom.
  • The Importance of Biblical Obedience: Understanding the blessings of living according to God’s Word.
  • Developing a God-Centered Morning Routine: Starting each day with spiritual focus and intent.
  • Overcoming Distractions and Temptations: Strategies for maintaining spiritual focus in a busy world.
  • Fostering God-Centered Relationships: Learning to incorporate faith into interactions with others.
  • Integrating Faith into Decision Making: How to consult God in both large and small decisions.
  • The Role of Worship in Everyday Life: Discovering ways to worship God outside of formal settings.
  • Strengthening Faith through Trials: Turning challenges into opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Cultivating Peace through Trust in God: Finding inner peace by relying on God’s plan.
  • Applying Biblical Principles to Modern Challenges: Bridging the gap between Scripture and contemporary life.
  • The Power of Serving Others: Recognizing service as an expression of faith and love.
  • Stewardship and Generosity: Understanding the importance of managing resources God’s way.
  • Sharing Faith with Others: Learning to articulate and share your spiritual journey.
  • Setting and Achieving Spiritual Goals: Creating and pursuing goals that align with your faith.
  • Finding Joy in God’s Presence: Discovering the deep joy that comes from close communion with God.
  • Practicing Mindfulness in a God-Centered Way: Learning to be present in the moment with a focus on God.
  • Creating a Personal Retreat with God: Techniques for setting aside special times for spiritual retreat.
  • Building a Sustainable God-Focused Lifestyle: Developing habits and practices for a lifelong journey of faith.

How It Works


Enroll in the Course

Enroll in the four-week course and take the first step towards a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.



Immerse yourself in transformative lessons, apply insights to foster personal growth and deepen your faith.



Witness the powerful change in your life, as you achieve goals, find purpose, and strengthen your connection with God.

What’s Included:

21-Daily Video Lessons with Worksheets

Engage with inspiring daily videos filled with insights and strategies for personal and spiritual growth.

Four LIVE Zoom Meetings

Join others on the fast as Susan Gregory leads live Q&A sessions for all those participating in Seek Him First.

Private Community Forum

Connect with others to share recipes, prayer requests, blessings, and questions.

Course Content

Module 1: Prepare for Your God-Centered Journey

  • Embark on the Path: Introduction to a life prioritizing God.
  • Self-Reflect: Assess Your Current Focus: Evaluating your spiritual priorities.
  • Prepare Your Heart and Mind for God: Techniques for spiritual readiness.

Week 1: Lay the Foundations of a God-Centered Life

  • Embrace the Firsts: A Biblical Perspective: Understanding God-first principles in Scripture.
  • Pray – Your Lifeline to God: Establishing a consistent prayer practice.
  • Start Your Day with God at the Forefront: Creating a God-focused morning routine.
  • Make God-Driven Decisions: Learning to seek God’s guidance in choices.
  • Incorporate Worship into Daily Life: Exploring daily acts of worship.
  • Use Scripture as Your Daily Guide: Applying biblical wisdom daily.
  • Reflect Weekly: Realign with God: Weekly review and deeper commitment.

Week 2: Deepen Your Connection with God


  • Attune to God’s Voice: Recognizing and responding to divine guidance.
  • Rejoice in Obedience to God: Experiencing the joy of living by God’s Word.
  • Cultivate God-Centered Relationships: Fostering spiritual connections with others.
  • Overcome Worldly Distractions: Strategies to stay spiritually focused.
  • Find Peace in God’s Constant Presence: Discovering the tranquility of God’s nearness.
  • Align Your Purpose with God’s Plan: Setting life goals aligned with divine will.
  • Renew Yourself in God’s Light: Reflective practices for spiritual growth.
Week 3: Practice God-First Principles in Everyday Life


  • Steward Resources in a Godly Manner: Managing life’s resources as acts of worship.
  • Serve Others as Worship: Seeing service as part of your faith journey.
  • Apply Faith in Work and Career: Integrating faith in professional life.
  • Rely on God in Challenges: Strategies for faith in difficult times.
  • Share Your Faith Journey: Encouraging others through your testimony.
  • Commit to Lifelong Growth with God: Planning for ongoing spiritual development.
  • Celebrate Your God-Centered Transformation: Reflecting on and celebrating your spiritual journey.
Each lesson includes interactive elements, practical exercises, and reflective questions designed to facilitate deep personal growth and a stronger connection with God.


Plus . . . 

  • Daniel Fast Easy Recipes
  • Four LIVE Zoom Calls with Susan Gregory
  • Community Forum to Interact with Other Members