The New Year Fast

Beginning at sundown on Sunday, January 5th*

  • There is no hard rule for when to begin the New Year Fast. Most often, the fast begins at sunset on the first Sunday of the New Year. However, if you or your community choose another day, then that is 100 percent ok. Allow the Lord to lead you on when you can be most successful for your fast.

As you plan your New Year Fast, you want to establish a purpose. What’s on your heart? Do you have unmet needs? Do you have concerns for a loved one? Are you in a financial bind or struggling with a health issue?

Establish a Purpose for Your Daniel Fast

God created the spiritual discipline of fasting. Fasting isn’t for God. Instead it’s a practice that you can use to focus on Him for a specific purpose for a short, more intense time. God’s Word gives His people this instruction:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Let Your Requests Be Made Known to God

As you prepare for your fast, think about one or two needs that will be your focus during your 21 days of study and prayer. Your Father wants to meet your needs. He wants you to bring those needs to Him. And He wants to you believe in Him, so your heart and mind are guarded against worry and stress.

Financial needs – do you want to invite God into the center of your money matters? Do you want to learn to see Him as your Provider? Do you need more income? Do you need a new Job? Do you want to become a better steward of your money? Whatever you need, God has a plan and an answer for you. Step into this part of our faith journey during your Daniel Fast.

Relationship issues – does your heartache because of a broken relationship, an estranged child, a struggling teenager, or a crumbling marriage? Whatever the need, your Lord is your Comforter and your Counselor. Bring your need to Him. Let Him minister to you and lead you as you seek wisdom, advice, and healing.

Health concerns – Jesus is the Healer. Do you or a loved one have health issues that need the touch of the Lord to bring health and renewal to the body? Use your time on the Daniel Fast to learn about healing, how to pray for health, and how to “speak to the mountain” and move the problems out of your life.

Faith development – perhaps you want to learn how to pray better. Or you want to learn how to meditate on God’s Word. Or you want to develop your faith, so you believe and don’t doubt. Your Daniel Fast is your time to get into God’s Word and allow His truth to renew your mind so you can be transformed.

Only Believe

My guess is that you believe “in Jesus.” You believe that’s He’s the Son of God and that He was crucified, died, buried, rose again, and sits on the right hand of the Father. Believing in Jesus is the most critical belief in your life. Because you believe, you have everlasting life.

So now, ask yourself a question: “Do you believe like Jesus?” Or, “Do you believe as Jesus teaches us to believe?” Check this out:

In Luke 8:40-56, we can watch Jesus in action. We see Him in the crowd when a sick woman touches the hem of His garment and is immediately healed. We also see how Jesus reacts when He learns that the daughter of the man He was with had died. He heard the surrounding voices of doubt and fear. He knew the truth, and He also knew that He needed His friend to have faith.

Jesus said, Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.”

Jesus’ instructions were, “Only believe.” Sadly, most Christians are told “to believe,” however, we are rarely taught “how to believe.”

That’s the focus of our Daniel Fast course for 2020. A series of online teachings that you can access from your computer, tablet, phone, or other digital devices, will lead you on a path where you will learn how to ask the Lord for your desires and needs. Then how to enter into a place of trust and assurance, so you do “only believe.” And then how to receive from the Lord as He fulfills your requests.

Check out the course using this link: Daniel Fast – Only Believe

Enter into a life-changing experience with your Father. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you learn how to increase your faith, deepen your trust in God, and discover how to “only believe.”

Your Next Steps

  1. Decide that you will not indulge the flesh during your Daniel Fast. Instead, begin thinking about your spiritual life and what you want for your faith.
  2. Consider your upcoming fast. Start thinking about when you will begin. Examine your heart and what the purpose of our fast will be. Think about how you can lighten your load during your fast so you can receive more from the loving Father.
  3. Start to collect recipes and meal plans for simple, nutritious, and easy meals, so you don’t spend so much time preparing meals, but instead focus on  God.

What do you do to keep your meals simple so you can avoid stress, focus on God, and grow in your faith? Please, share your thoughts below.

We always value your thoughts and insights. Please leave your comments below and be blessed on your fast.