The New Year Fast

Beginning at Sundown on Sunday, January 5th*

  • There is no hard rule for when to start the New Year Fast. Most often, the fast begins at sunset on the first Sunday of the New Year. However, if you or your community choose another day, then that is 100 percent ok. Allow the Lord to lead you on when you can be most successful for your fast.

Now is the perfect time for you to begin preparing your spirit, soul, and body for the upcoming New Year Fast. You’ll join hundreds of thousands of followers of Jesus Christ as you dedicate the coming year to your Lord. Plus, you’ll enter into one of the most influential spiritual experiences as you commit yourself to the 21 days of extended prayer and fasting.

Prepare Your Body for the Daniel Fast

Here is the truth about you according to God’s Word: you are a spirit, that’s the part of you that was born again when you asked Christ into your heart. You have a soul. That’s your intellect, your will, your emotions, and your personality. And then you live in a body. That’s your physical flesh and bones, often referred to as “the earth suit” for believers.

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

During your Daniel Fast, all three parts of you are engaged. You’ll feed your soul with Christ-centered lessons and truths. You’ll strengthen your spirit as you focus on the Spirit of God and His ways. You’ll renew your body as you eat simple, nutritious meals and drink only water.

You’ll likely eat differently during the Daniel Fast. You’ll also drink only water. No coffee. No tea. No sodas. No energy drinks. Forgoing caffeinated beverages is the most challenging restriction on the Daniel Fast. Not only do we enjoy the flavors, the “kick,” and the routine associated with beverages, but our physical body also likes the substances that promote energy.

Caffeine is a drug. Although legal and accepted in most cultures, caffeine is still very addictive. Your body likes it. And when you don’t give your body what it wants, it’s likely to scream in the only way it knows how. That’s with headaches, leg cramps, or extreme fatigue.

To avoid these sensations, you’ll want to wean your body off caffeine. Also, begin eliminating sugary foods and beverages.  Then when you begin your fast, your body will be prepared for the new way of eating and drinking.

At least one week before you begin your fast, start drinking caffeinated beverages that are weakened with decaf. For example, drink 3/4 cup caffeinated coffee mixed with 1/4 cup decaf. The next day increases the decaf in each cup until, by the time you reach day seven, you’re drinking all decaf. Also, increase your water intake during this weaning period to flush your body.

Drink More Water

Increase the amount of water you consume to begin the cleansing process in your body. Water is the best detox. Try to drink at least four tall glasses of freshwater each day. You’ll also find that drinking more water also decreases your appetites, so you probably will be less hungry.

Municipal water – a lot of people don’t like the flavor of their tap water, which likely has chemicals added to it at the municipal station. You may want to use a water purifier or purchase bottled water. To freshen the taste of water, add a slice of lemon or a cucumber spear.

Bottled water – is handy, and the flavor is minimal. You’ll want to make sure the water your purchase is worth the value (compared to the water, you can purify yourself with a quality water purifier). You will want to keep bottles of water handy, so it’s easily accessible when you’re driving or away from your home.

Begin now  set yourself up for success by beginning today to wean your body off caffeinated beverages and foods. You will be so glad you did as you ease into the fast with a prepared organization.

Only Believe

Jesus says, “I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Unlike how we operate in the world where we “believe it when we see it,” Jesus calls us to enter into a partnership, level of trust, and position of faith with Him to believe that He will fulfill the requests we have for our needs and desires.

Sadly, most Christians are told “to believe,” however rarely are we taught “how to believe.”

That’s the focus of our Daniel Fast course for 2020. A series of online teachings that you can access from your computer, tablet, phone or other digital devices, will lead you on a path where you will learn how to ask the Lord for your desires and needs. Then how to enter into a place of trust and assurance, so you do “only believe.” And then how to receive from the Lord as He fulfills your requests.

Check out the course using this link: Daniel Fast – Only Believe

Enter into a life-changing experience with your Father. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you learn how to increase your faith, deepen your trust in God, and discover how to “only believe.”

Your Next Steps

  1. Decide that you will not indulge the flesh during your Daniel Fast. Instead, begin thinking about your spiritual life and what you want for your faith.
  2. Consider your upcoming fast. Start thinking about when you will begin. Examine your heart and what the purpose of our fast will be. Think about how you can lighten your load during your fast so you can receive more from the loving Father.
  3. Start to collect recipes and meal plans for simple, nutritious, and easy meals, so you don’t spend so much time preparing meals, but instead focus on  God.

What do you do to keep your meals simple so you can avoid stress, focus on God, and grow in your faith? Please, share your thoughts below.

We always value your thoughts and insights. Please leave your comments below and be blessed on your fast.