Here is the transcript of the video:

Congratulations! You have already finished or you about to complete your Daniel Fast. I hope this has been an amazing experience for you. We are drawing near to God, leaning into Him, and learning about His ways and His truth. What a gift, what a privilege we have.

So, let’s just take a few minutes and learn about how to complete your Daniel fast so that you can do it in a way that is still good for your body, good for your spirit, and good for your soul.

The first thing we’re going to look at is the food. Now, your body is in a very clean state. Your physical body is doing really well. You have eliminated all the sweeteners, all of the processed food, all of those chemicals, all the caffeine. So, now, when you’re going to enter into typical life, daily life, you want to make a couple of decisions.

First of all, are there some dietary changes you want to make? Have you felt so good, the pains are gone, the energy is higher, your body is feeling better. So, maybe there are some things that you want to make part of your lifestyle. Maybe you want to be eating vegan-style meals more often. Think about that. Think about the foods that you want to continue eating, the plan, the eating plan that you want to stay on.

And then, what are those foods that you want to bring back into your diet, into your eating plan. So, if you plan to have meat again and have caffeine again and maybe limited amounts of sweets, make sure that you reintroduce those foods slowly. The first day that you finish your fast, that’s not when you want to go eat the big steak or the big hamburger or go dive into all those potato chips or have that big tall mocha coffee because your body will react violently against that. So, make sure you introduce those foods slowly, a small amount of meat, a small cup of coffee to see how your body reacts.

But then, the main thing is remembering, your body is really happy with the way you’ve been treating it over these last 21 days. And so, what do you want to be doing about that? And I know, I do a bit long teaching in Choose Life Now about how you develop a lifestyle of health. Well, your body is the Temple of God’s Holy Spirit. You’re being called as the caretaker of His temple. So, now that you have been on the Daniel Fast for 21 days, caring for God’s temple is a way that is pleasing to the temple and therefore pleasing to Him, what are the ways that you want to continue doing that. It doesn’t mean that you have to continue staying on the Daniel Fast style of eating the whole time. But you want to be eating clean, you want to be making sure that you’re nourishing that body with what it needs so that it can act and operate in an optimal way.

So, then the next thing we want to look at is your soul. What are those life lessons that you have learned while on the Daniel Fast? What are the things that God has taught you? You have been in a position of surrender, or you’re moving into surrender, surrendering more of who you’re to who God is. So, take some time and think about what lessons did you learn on the fast, what are those things that God spoke to you about? And again, you want those to become part of your daily life. You want to learn those lessons and have them be part of you, those habits. What are the habits that you developed, being in God’s Word, that were feeding your spirit, feeding your soul? So, think about that. Take a few minutes and just write maybe three or four or five of those things down that you want to continue to do.

And then finally, being in God’s Word, feeding your Spirit, consuming the bread of life is an ongoing way. What are the routines? What are the habits? What are the things that you did during the Daniel Fast so that you were in God’s Word more often, more consistently? And make this a habit. A habit is something that we practice and we do, but you want to make it part of your lifestyle, just part of what you do. Feeding your spirit, being in God’s Word on a continual basis so that you can indeed be in His will and be growing in Him on an ongoing basis.

So, I hope this has been helpful to you. The Daniel Fast is a wonderful way of drawing near to God, really looking at tour whole being, your spirit, your soul, and your body, and then bringing it under Him, surrendering yourself to Him so that He has control and He truly can be the Lord of your life.

In Faith Driven Life, we have many other programs, and so, I’ve had lots of emails saying, “Susan, now what? We want to make sure that we’re continuing on.” So, keep watching your emails and we’ll be introducing more things to you about how to live a life of faith. So, again, this is Susan Gregory. Be blessed and I hope the very best for you as you continue growing in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.