Okay! Am I the only one who sometimes gets buried in paper?  And I don’t mean just a little bit. But there are times when I have stacks staring at me! And every time I look at the pile (sometimes that’s plural – piles), I hear the sheets calling my name. “Susan! File me! Read me! Toss me. Pay me!”

For me, filing papers is akin to cleaning the darkest and dustiest corner of a damp basement! Not on my top ten favorite ways to pass my time. So I put if off. I resist. I procrastinate.

Eventually, I have to tackle the job or suffer the consequences. True confession. I have been late paying bills because they were buried so deep in the stacks. So I am reforming and trying to keep up with the filing.

Today was the day to organize the way too tall stack of paper that had gathered. But this time, I took a different tact. Instead of grumbling and clinching my teeth the whole time, I decided to make this usually gruesome experience one that was a little more pleasant. Here is what I did:

First, I cleared off my kitchen table and made some labels for the major categories. The labels were just 3″ x 5″ note cards folded in half to make little tents. Then I wrote the name of the category on each one so it would be easy to know which pile was which (I plan to use the same labels next time I do this).

Second, I got all the papers together, which wasn’t too difficult. I practice the strategy of “keep like things together.” So while I might not be the fastest at filing my papers, I do know where they are! Then I put the pile on one corner of the table.

Third, I brought my recycle box into the room so I could use it to toss whatever didn’t need filing. I also grabbed my supply of files and a pencil to mark each one as necessary (I make permanent colored file labels later).

Four, and here is the ingredient that changed my hated task into an awesome experience! I got my little portable Bluetooth speaker ($9.95 at the local variety store) and my iPhone and I started playing worship music.

Wham! Immediately a dreaded job turned into a time or praise and worship as I sang along to the great songs and focused on the Lord rather than my filing! My music of choice was Throne Room by CeCe Winans. Her music took me to a place that was rich. Lovely. Joyful. And before I knew it, the filing was done. I was full of God’s blessing. And God was glorified . . . even by me shuffling stacks of paper!

So I offer this plan to you. The next time you have a job that you really don’t want to do, figure out a way to turn it into a lovely time of praise and worship by playing some great music and getting into the flow. This is great to do when you’re cleaning the house (or the basement), washing the car, fixing meals or even exercising! And now I can’t wait until I get to file papers again!

Be blessed! Our God is so good and worthy of all our praise!