Introducing the brand new book in the Daniel Fast series of guides for your fasting experience, the Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough. Discover how to bring God and the power of His wisdom and strength into the center of your money matters.

Start Your New Year with Extended Prayer and Fasting

I started teaching about the Daniel Fast in 2007. One of the first decisions I encourage people to establish is the purpose of their fast. This decision then guides your prayers, your study, and your experience with God during your 21-day Daniel Fast. Every year, the most common purpose people declare for their fast is help with their finances.

Today, as we look to 2021, the world is struggling with a pandemic that has played havoc on economies. And many women, men, and families are challenged financially. As a follower of Jesus Christ, you have a safeguard as you use your faith and discover how to place your money matters into the hands of your Father.

Discover a path to financial health that can change your future!

Money isn’t everything―but it does touch just about everything. When you’re feeling anxious about your finances, it can impact your health, emotions, time, and relationships. In The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough, bestselling author Susan Gregory helps you find solutions through the 21-day Daniel Fast while learning to honor God with your finances.

The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough is filled with tools and resources to help navigate your financial situation through fasting and prayer, including

  • a detailed guide to your Daniel Fast experience,
  • insightful reflections on what the Bible teaches about God and money,
  • more than 70 new recipes, a meal planner, and a 21-day devotional.

No matter what your level of financial stress, the Daniel Fast is a wise step forward in seeking God’s guidance. Through this 21-day spiritual journey, you’ll experience God’s priceless love as you embark on a healthier approach to financial peace and freedom.

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The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough is the newest book in the Daniel Fast series by Susan Gregory. Discover how to bring God into the center of your money matters and experience the peace, confidence, and security that only He can provide. Learn More

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