The New Year Fast will soon begin for hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world. Most will begin on Sunday, January 8th. However, there is not an official start date. Whatever day you are led to begin the fast is right for you! 

A question I receive often is about which book is best to use during the Daniel Fast, depending on one’s purpose for fasting. So I want to offer a brief overview of my books, which I thankfully give God all the glory for being the bestsellers and most widely used.  

The Daniel Fast: feed your soul, strengthen your spirit and renew your body includes everything you need for a successful fasting experience, including a complete cookbook and daily devotionals. You’ll discover how to keep the fast a spiritual experience where you enter into the Lord’s presence and draw nearer to Him. I also cover what I call the Five P’s (so the points are easy to remember). Plan, Prepare, Pray, Participate, and Praise. This book is for everyone who wants to have a deep fasting experience 

The Daniel Cure is a book I wrote with Dr. Richard J Bloomer. In it we cover the background of the fast and it also includes a complete cookbook and 21 daily devotions. The difference is that in this book Dr. Bloomer, who has conducted multiple clinical studies on individuals using the Daniel Fast, explains in layman’s terms the profound benefits your physical body undergoes during the fast. If you have health issues, including type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol this you will find great promise and wisdom in these pages. 

 The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss is my newest book. It’s NOT a diet book Instead, I wrote it to help those who have struggled with weight and obesity to learn how to take God’s hand and develop an entirely new relationship with Him and with food! You will discover more about who you are in Christ, your role as the caretaker of God’s sacred temple, and how amazingly simple it is to end cravings, sugar addiction, and other challenges by jump-starting your journey toward health using the Daniel Fast.  

The Daniel Fast Study Guide is a companion book for The Daniel Fast book. It’s a five-week lesson plan to guide you into a deep relationship with God during your fast.  

All the books are available at your favorite local or online bookstore and you can get them in print or eBook (Kindle, Nook) format. 

One Note: I have been teaching about the Daniel Fast since 2007 and not to boast, but I am considered the “expert” about this method of spiritual fasting. Over the years many others have produced books about the fast and most are filled with errors and poor guidance. You want your fasting experience to be a good one. Please check out the resources before you buy them to make sure they are well-researched and true.  See this article: Is the Daniel Fast Being Hijacked?