Starting the New Year with extended prayer and fasting is an opportunity for all believers to press into God and seek His will, His wisdom, and His power. And it’s an excellent time to start 2017 in a journey of faith that can set our course for the rest of the year. Plus, as you experience the fast, you can develop your faith and strengthen those spiritual muscles. 

The New Year Fast 2017 is your invitation to put God first in all you do and allow Him to impact your life. You can begin 2017 on the sure foot of faith and seek Him with your heart. And you can set yourself on the path to develop your faith and draw nearer to God.

You’re Invited

I invite you to join me and thousands of other Christians from around the world to start the New Year with extended prayer and fasting. This fast and gathering of believers is called Your Journey in Faith. And over our time of preparation, fasting, and follow-up, you can grow and exercise your faith for answered prayer and a deeper experience with the Lord.

I hope you’ll enter this powerful time with us and start the New Year 2017 with your eyes looking to God and your heart open to His love and direction. Enter into a personal journey as you walk in the Spirit and live by faith. 

Daniel Fast 2017
Your Journey in Faith
January 8 – 28, 2017 *

 * Is there an official start date for the New Year fast?

Most people will start the New Year fast on Sunday, January 8th. However, if you or your church start another day, that’s totally fine! Whatever date you are called to begin is perfect for you. 

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Join our community of believers to share your experience, seek and offer prayer, trade recipes, and grow together in faith as you begin the New Year 2017 with extended prayer and fasting. Just click the image below:

 New Year Fast Daniel Fast 2017