Chris Pratt, the popular actor, used the Daniel Fast as his method of fasting for the New Year Fast. He posted that He was on the Daniel Fast and uninformed folks immediately interpreted it to a DIET! Ouch! The Daniel Fast is NOT a diet. It’s a biblical fast. It’s a solemn and sacred experience. It’s a spiritual fast.

With that said, the article in Time Magazine does offer some good information that you might want to review. Plus, I’m thankful that they included a link to this site.

You can read the article by clicking on this link: Time Magazine – Chris Pratt

By the way, Chris Pratt is a Christian and he was using the Daniel Fast for spiritual reasons. He recognized he would also have some health benefits from this very healthy way of eating during the fast. 

You can also watch the video below where I provide an overview of the Daniel Fast.

Do you plan to begin 2021 with your loving Father by focusing on Him with extended prayer and fasting? 

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