Paths with defined steps help us know where we’re going and aid in our completion. These simple five steps will help you see your direction.

Pray: Keep your God at the center of all you do on your fast. Decide to submit to Him and His ways. He knows what you need, and He also knows areas for your growth.

Plan: God is a planner! And you will be more successful when you plan before you begin your fast. Plan your priority to present to your Father. Plan simple meals (remember, the Daniel Fast is NOT about the food). Clear your schedule as much as possible.

Prepare: Gather your study materials. Prepare for a simple routine for prayer, study, and actions. Prepare your physical body by tapering off caffeine, sugar, and processed foods (begin at least four full days before the fast).

Participate: The fast I’m leading begins at sunrise on Sunday, January 8th. Join the fast. Step into the sacred space of spiritual fasting. Enter the Christ-centered retreat for our spirit, soul, and body. Give yourself to the many blessings available as you walk in the Spirit and deny the flesh.

Praise and Process: When you complete your fast, praise God for all He’s taught you. Praise Him for answered prayers and miracles. Praise Him for His love, care, and goodness toward you. And process the experience. What insights did you gain? What revelations did you receive? How will your future change because of what you learned during your 21 days of highly focused time with your Father?

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