Over the years, more and more Christians who fast for Lent are using the Daniel Fast as their method of fasting. While most of the practices of the fast are the same, there are a couple differences during Lent.

Lent is what is known as a called fast in that it has a very specific start date and a completion date. The fast begins on Ash Wednesday, which starts 46 days prior to Easter Sunday. Easter is a “movable feat,” meaning that it’s not always on the same date, yet it’s always on a Sunday. For 2015, Ash Wednesday is on February 18th and Easter is on Sunday, April 5th. Easter is considered the holiest day in the Christian year as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lent is a season of the Christian year and period when followers of Christ focus on simple living, prayer, abstinence and fasting so they can draw closer to God. There are forty days of fasting during the Lenten season. Sundays are days of celebrating the risen Christ and therefore not fasting days. So, if you practice this tradition you will fast from sundown on Sunday through Saturday as sundown. Some people also fast Monday through Saturday and then don’t fast any of Sunday. So you can decide how to set your times of fasting for Lent.

If you are using the Daniel Fast as your method of fasting, you still want to prepare your spirit, soul and body for this experience. I encourage you to use The Daniel Fast book, which includes everything you need for the fast, including a background of fasting, how to keep the fast spiritual rather than carnal and all about the food, plus a complete Daniel Fast cookbook. 

Since Lent has 40 days of fasting, you also might want to get a copy of The Daniel Fast Daily Devotional for Lent. It’s an Kindle book, but can be accessed from any electronic device. I’ve been very touched that many churches use this for their Lenten readings. 

Meanwhile, be blessed as you open your heart to the Lord, prepare your body for the fast, and enter into this powerful season of Lent as you look forward the celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.