Life Lessons

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Temptation – a signal to uproot some unwanted junk

Here is the truth: the enemy of our soul can only tempt you with a desire that is already inside of you!

I know that may be an uncomfortable fact. But you can also use this awareness as a signal to do some deep cleaning within your soul to get rid of lingering debris.

For example, I will never be tempted to smoke marijuana. Now that may seem like a no-brainer to most people. But I live in the State of Washington, where the drug is now legal. But even so, I can never be tempted by it because I have made a strong resolve to never smoke it.

There are some foods that will never cross my lips and therefore I will never be tempted by them. Like Twinkies or glazed donuts or Wonderbread. They aren’t even appetizing to me because I know they are foods that bring harm to my body rather than good.

On the Daniel Fast, where some foods are restricted and others are allowed, temptation can get a little trickier. Like coffee – for me it’s the one thing  I miss the most while on the fast. But, I’m not tempted with coffee anymore. Why? Because over the years of using the Daniel Fast as my method of spiritual fasting, I’ve learned the power of a strong resolve . . . or what I like to call a “quality decision.” I’ve decided to stay within the boundaries of the fast and therefore coffee is off the list of anything that can tempt me while I am fasting.

This example brings up a very important point that we all can use to help us with temptations. The strongest weapon against temptation is an unwavering commitment to what is good and acceptable and right.  And that’s why it’s important for us to search our hearts.  We want to make quality decisions about all the ways of God. It’s obedience to His Word and a commitment to follow His precepts. Then when we are tested . . . temptation doesn’t have a chance of winning.

The Bible teaches us that gossip is not the way of the Lord. So we can make a quality decision to never gossip. When the occasion comes up that we could falter . . . our commitment will serve as the weapon and our lips will remain sealed.  For those who are married, cheating on your spouse will never by an issue if you have already made a quality decision to never do so! That commitment also keeps you from getting into situations where temptation could roar like a lion ready to devour its prey.

We can learn a lot about temptation and ourselves during the Daniel Fast. When we are tempted – or when we fall and don’t follow the fasting guidelines – then we have an opportunity to examine our hearts and learn. Why did we allow temptation to have its way? Why did we falter? And what can we do next time to make sure our commitment is strong, unwavering and sure?

These are lessons we can use in many areas of our lives as we draw closer to God, learn more about His ways, and work to be disciples of Jesus. Then we are strong, courageous and able to face any temptation that may come our way!

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We can learn powerful lessons while on the Daniel Fast. One of the most significant and life-changing is that battle we experience between the carnal part of us and or spirit. The Bible teaches us to walk in the spirit and to deny the flesh.

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