Prepare for Your Fast

One of the most important elements of The Daniel Fast is preparation. It’s also where I see people making the biggest mistakes and experiencing the greatest disappointments. You invest in yourself and your spiritual life when you take the time to learn about the fast, the guidelines, and how to experience a successful fast.

You’ll want to prepare your spirit and your soul and your physical body for the Daniel Fast beginning about a week before your start date. 

Prepare your spirit by seeking God and His direction for your fast. Seek the Lord’s input to decide your purpose and special focus for the fast. Perhaps there is a habit to break or a new discipline to embrace. Are there relationship that need healing or financial pressures that need fixing. Start preparing your spirit now so when you begin your fast you are primed and ready. 

Prepare your soul by clearing as many distraction as you can. Distractions can come in many forms including busyness, attitudes, fears an other emotions that are not consistent with God’s ways. 

Prepare your body by tapering off caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, etc.) so that you are totally free of the substance when you begin your fast. For most people it takes about seven days to withdraw from caffeine. This step is essential if you want to avoid painful and debilitating withdrawal symptoms. 

You’ll also want to cut back on foods that contain a lot of sugar including candy, sweets, sodas, and desserts. 

Also, make sure to learn about the Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast Book was written and published specifically to help followers of Jesus Christ experience a successful fasting experience. It has every thing you’ll need for your fast including a complete cookbook and a daily devotional section.