About Susan Gregory


My name is Susan Gregory and I am passionate and thrilled to be living an amazing and well-lived life with Jesus Christ! I’m not talking just on Sunday mornings. Or just at certain times of the year when things are going well.

Instead, I want Christ to be at the center of everything I do and the director of every step I take. With such a bold and lofty desire, I also am forever thankful for His grace, mercy and limitless love

My Lord has blessed me and allows me to connect with hundreds of thousands of His people all over the world.

I am a writer, a teacher, an encourager and sometimes an exhorter (see Hebrews 3:13). I’m a lay minister, a businesswoman, a coach for Christian living, and a wannabe techie. I am forever thankful for a December day in 2007 when God spoke to my spirit and said, “Write about the Daniel Fast.” I thought He was giving me a one-time writing assignment, but He had much bigger plans.

Today, through my work with the Daniel Fast and Faith Driven Life, I am blessed to be in relationship with hundreds of thousands of people across North America and throughout the world. Which is so fitting for the Lord to do for me since one of my favorite things to do is travel internationally (I’ve worked or visited 37 countries) and to make friends with people from other cultures.

My personal mission is to love at all times, like Jesus did. To have a deep and abiding faith, like Daniel did. And to laugh and dance, like David did. I practice my personal mission on my family members, friends, neighbors, business associates, store tellers and just about everyone I meet. I am delighted to be a lifetime learner. I cry at both Hallmark movies and their commercials. My favorite cuisine is Ethiopian. And I live on a small farm in Central Washington State.