The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss

A biblical approach to losing weight and keeping it off

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As soon as you register you will receive the Chapter One of the Daniel Fast for Weight Loss, plus everything you need to prepare for your fasting experience. 

In the 4-part Bible Study for The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss Susan Gregory will guide you through the book, plus add more hints, tips and scriptural insights.  Plus, during your fast, you’ll receive a daily email devotion that is targeted to helping you on your journey toward a lifestyle of health. 

Everything is free. Your only investment is your purchase of the book, The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss. 

Start with the Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is a spiritual experience where you draw nearer to God and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you as you submit yourself to the Lord and align with His desires for you

Discover Your Identity in Christ

The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss offers you a biblical approach to developing a lifestyle of health and well-being. As you align yourself with God’s ways during your fasting experience a powerful transformation will take place in your spirit, soul and body. Cravings disappear. Your body undergoes a natural detox. The bondage of food and overeating are broken.

Not a Diet! A Christ-centered lifestyle.

God wants you healthy. He wants you to live a faith-driven life of purpose, vitality and service. Dropping unhealthy pounds and developing a lifestyle of health is central to your walk with Christ. God’s Holy Spirit living inside of you will lead and direct you as you allow the transformation to take place and you walk into your new way of living.