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The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss

A bilblical approach to losing weight and keeping it off

Are you tired of chasing the latest diet fad only to find that you’ve gained weight? Do you want to get healthier, feel better about yourself, and grow closer to God?

Bestselling author Susan Gregory is back with The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss! Much more than a diet plan, it’s a spiritual discipline that succeeds where other programs fail! The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss . . . 

  • Focuses on more than just your relationship with food—it’s also about your relationship with God
  • Contains practical guidance for a 21-day Daniel Fast plan and devotional that will jumpstart you into lasting, healthy spiritual and physical habits
  • Reveals a strategic, biblically based plan backed by solid research
  • Offers tips to help eliminate your cravings and drop those unwanted pounds once and for all 
  • Includes original recipes and tips for safe and successful fasting
  • Equips you to maintain weight loss and good eating habits even after the fast ends

The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss is your key to transforming the way you live—and developing new confidence in the body God designed for you.


The Daniel Fast – A Spiritual Fast That Encourages Physical Health

Get Ready – Preparing for the Fast Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Dwelling Place for God – What the Bible Tells Us about Our Bodies

Your Body Image and Who You Are in Christ – God’s Idea of Beauty

Resetting Your Body for Weight Loss and Health – Physical Benefits of the Daniel Fast

Flesh, Sit Down! You Are Out of Order – Dealing with Physical and Spiritual Temptation

Ten Habits for Healthy Living – Creating Healthy Habits Beyond the Fast

The Shift – Submitting to God and Being Transformed

Keeping It Going – Staying on the Path of Lasting Change



The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss Pre-Order Exclusives


  • Brand New Daniel Fast Book
  • Introducing a spiritual approach to weight loss
  • Complimentary 4-part Online Bible Study
  • Free Daily Devotional Emails
  • Receive the First Chapter Now
  • Plus, a video teaching about preparing for the Daniel Fast

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