Great Women – this is for you!

Thank you for attending the telesummit. Here are my gifts to express my appreciation.

My sincere hope is that you will discover how your faith in God along with an extended period of prayer and fasting can bring amazing and lasting changes to your life.

Here are my gifts to you to support you in your journey.

TThe Daniel Curehe Daniel Cure is my brand new book to help men and women launch a lifestyle of health by using the Daniel Fast as their kick start.

I authored the book with Richard J. Bloomer, PhD, who conducted clinical studies on what happens to the human body when people use the Daniel Fast for the their method of extended prayer and fasting.

My gift to you is a sample chapter of the book so you can discover how this amazing experience can serve as the catalyst for your health, permanent weight loss, well being and increased energy.

Click here to download: Sample Chapter of The Daniel Cure

Daniel Fast Starter KitThe Daniel Fast Starter Kit has everything you need to acquaint yourself with this method of extended prayer and fasting. You’ll find food lists, recipes, tips and a meal planning worksheet to help you plan your meals and your shopping trips.

The Daniel Fast Starter Kit is a companion for my best-selling book, The Daniel Fast, which is available from your favorite local or online bookseller.

Click here to download: The Daniel Fast Starter Kit