Draw Closer to God

Faith DevelopmentThe greatest and most valuable benefit of fasting is that we can draw nearer to God and learn from Him. Our Father longs to be in an ongoing, consistent and intimate relationship with His children. He is a loving Father who wants to help us as and care for us.

When you enter into a period of extended prayer and fasting, you are tapping into the mystery of our Christ-centered faith. God’s Holy Spirit is ready to show you, lead you, and reveal God’s truth to your spirit. 

During your fasting experience you will want to reserve more time to pray, meditate on God’s truths and study His Word. Open your heart. Humble yourself before your Lord. Listen for that still small voice of the Holy Spirit to speak to you and show you the way.

Allow the Living Word of God to connect with your spirit so you can receive the transformational truth into your spirit. Meditate on His truths by focusing on one or two of His precepts throughout the day. Carry the Word of God in your heart and allow it to bring about the change and renewal you want for your life.

The Bible says in James 4:8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” When we make ourselves available to God He is eager to pour out His wisdom and blessing. We can learn more about living a kingdom of God lifestyle and experience the transformation that is available to those who renew their minds with the ways of the Lord. 

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have “out of this world” options to live a life that is blessed, powerful and glorifying to God. He promises to hear us. He promises to give us wisdom. He promises to help us and care for us. Our part is to come to Him and to humble our heart so He can give us all He has and all He has promised. 

Draw near to God during your Daniel Fast. Open your heart to Him. Allow Him to tuck you under His wing of protection. And grow deeper and more profoundly in love with your Father and your Lord. 

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