The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss and Health

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Welcome and get ready to launch your transformation!

We are so glad you are joining us for this Christ-centered transformation! God loves you so much, and He wants the very best for you, including great health, vitality and well-being!

Below you will find some of the tools you will need for your Daniel Fast for Weight Loss and Health.

Daniel FastStep One: We will use my bestselling book, The Daniel Fast, for our guide throughout the 21 day fast. Please find your copy if you already have the book, or you can order it from Amazon. Get your copy soon so you will be ready for the fast.

Step Two: Create a file or notebook so you have an easy way to access the information you will receive to help you experience success on your fast. I will send you valuable tools including recipes, tips, scriptures to empower you and much more. I like using a 3-ring binder, but a simple file folder will work.

Step Three: Download the food list and the meal planning worksheet so you can start getting your mind and heart ready. All the downloads are listed below. If you need Adobe Reader, the link is also available below.

Video message

The Daniel Fast Food Guidelines

The Daniel Fast Meal Planning Worksheet

If you want to learn more about the Daniel Fast, click on this link to watch the video. Susan Gregory teaches about the Daniel Fast


Get Adobe Reader

This is free software that may already be loaded into your computer. If you need a new copy or an update, just click on the link and download the program. Adobe Reader is the industry standard for reading PDF files across multiple platforms.




Tuesday, September 23rd – Registration begins

Tuesday, September 23rd – Private Facebook Group for The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss and Health opens so you can begin sharing

Monday, September 29th – Start the Fast! You will receive information via email and in the private Facebook Group.

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