Jesus wants you to receive His love, goodness, and blessings

Strengthen your faith and get answers to your prayers by going on a private retreat with your loving Father as the Leader. 

Engage in your faith by focusing on Christ and receiving what He wants you to have. The Daniel Fast is your opportunity to draw nearer to God and experience His never-ending love for you. Push the pause button on the noisy world, and focus on deepening your faith for 21 days of prayer, study, growth, and transformation.

Change Your Life. Increase Your Faith. Draw Nearer to God.

Learn to Prepare for the FastStand and Believe | Daniel Fast

Stand and Believe will be ready for you on January 1st.

Jesus changed everything for you. You are no longer like people in the world. You are a new creation with benefits, powers, and blessings “out of this world.”

The fact that you’re reading this message now might be God nudging you to experience a 21-day personal and highly spiritual retreat with Him. The Daniel Fast is an opportunity to push the pause button on the busyness of your typical days. Instead, you can increase your focus on God and His truths. You can grow, experience, and receive from Him.

Your loving Father has more blessings for you than you can even imagine. He has revelations for your heart. He has gifts for your life. He has peace, love, and joy to lavish on you.

The fast I am guiding this year is about accepting Jesus’ invitation to you to live in Him and abide in His joy. You probably already believe in Jesus, but would you like to learn to think like Jesus? To believe like Jesus?

Do you want to receive the promises of God as you learn how to pray confidently? As you experience the mystery of faith that Jesus teaches about in the Gospels?

Enter Your Personal Retreat with Your Loving Father

Start your transformation by focusing on God for the Daniel Fast.

Strengthen Your Faith with Extended Prayer and Fasting

Open your heart to God and learn to take blessed refuge in Him. Learn how to live an “out of this world” life and develop a kingdom of God lifestyle.

Receive everything you need for a successful fasting experience. Go deep with God as you enter a biblical fast (it’s not about the food). Draw near to your Father.

  • Learn how to hear from God
  • Discover how to live from your interior life in the Spirit
  • Uncover the profound spiritual truths that allow you to live in the love, joy, peace, and blessing of the Lord every day of your life
  • Be transformed as you renew your mind to the ways of God

Here is just some of what you will receive in the brand new course titled, Stand and Believe.

  • Learn how to fast as the Bible teaches
  • Discover how to prepare your spirit, soul, and body for the fast
  • Receive Daniel Fast Simple Meal Plans
  • Use the more than 30 simple Daniel Fast recipes so you can focus on God and not on the food
  • Daily Devotionals to Encourage You on the Fast
  • Weekly LIVE online gatherings with faith-building teachings
  • Discover how to “crucify the flesh” to receive priceless and miraculous blessings from the Lord. 
  • More than 30 short video lessons to keep you going during your fast
  • Discover how to truly live in Christ and in His joy
  • Learn how to trust Christ with your whole heart
  • Understand how to pray in God’s will and for results

Imagine Having Unwavering Faith

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

The only way we can experience God’s presence and His spiritual realm is through faith. The Daniel Fast is your opportunity to increase your faith and grow in Him.

Imagine Praying with Confidence

If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.

Do you pray with total confidence that God hears you and will fulfill His promises to you? During your fast, you can increase your trust in your Father and learn how to truly believe.

Learn the skill of praying with trust and perseverance.

Imagine Believing You Receive

Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

In the world, we’re taught to “believe it when you see it.” But God’s realm is different. We are called to believe first, then we see it. You can develop the skill to “believe you receive.”

The Daniel Fast 2023 – Stand and Believe. 

Your Course Includes . . .

Deepen your faith in God by using the online course that includes specially designed teachings to guide you on the Daniel Fast. Learn how to pray effectively. Discover how to deepen your love and trust in God, so you believe with your soul, heart, and mind.

Watch short videos that you can put into action. Receive daily emails during your fast for encouragement. Use the Bible study outline to hear God through His Word. Utilize the simple and easy-to-prepare recipes and meal plans so you can focus on your Father rather than the meals. Learn how to meditate on God’s Word and plan your bright future with Him as you develop your faith and follow Jesus’s command, “Do not fear. Only believe.” Begin the journey and trust God as you walk in the Spirit with Him.

Module 1

How to Prepare for Your Fasting Retreat

I’ve been teaching about the Daniel Fast since 2007. Let me share with you the principles of successful fasting, the Daniel Fast Guidelines, and how to grow in this spiritual discipline. Also, I’ll give you the Daniel Fast Food List, Simple Meal Plans, more than 30 Simple Recipes, and Daniel Fast Scripture Meditation Guide.
Module 2

You Are God’s Treasure

Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. He wants the very best for you. And He wants you to experience His abiding love so you can count on His faithfulness. Learn how to receive His love so your heart is full and you have confidence, security, and value as a precious child of God.
Module 3

Your Father Has All You Need and Desire

Because of Jesus, all of God’s promises in the Bible are already yours. Jesus has done everything needed for you to receive them. Your part is to learn, discover, believe, and trust that the Lord will do what He says He will do for you. During your Daniel Fast, learn to trust Jesus to live a kingdom lifestyle in love and grace.
Module 4

Learn to Pray in Confidence and Receive in Joy

Jesus gives very clear instructions for how you are to pray. The first step is to ask. Let me show you how to be sure you are asking in the will of God. The second step is to believe you receive. That can be challenging because Jesus calls us to believe that what we ask for, He will provide. And the third step is to physically receive the manifestation of what you have requested. Learn how to pray with confidence and trust.
Module 5

Live Every Day in the Love and Joy of the Lord

Jesus says, “Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” He’s calling us to trust Him so much that we believe our prayers are granted before we see them. Believing is a skill anyone can learn.

When you live in complete trust in the love and grace of God, worry vanishes. Jealousy disappears. Your extraordinary life shows up as His bright light in the world for others to witness and learn about the greatness of God.

You can life in the love, joy, and rest of the Lord every day!

Module 6

Complete Your Fast with Success and Experience Your Transformed Life

Your successful fasting experience will give you insights, habits, changes, and lessons that you’ll want to use as you move into your bright future. I also want to show you how to ease into typical eating so your body, God’s temple, is healthy.
LIVE Weekly Online Meetings

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Each week during the New Year Fast, I will host a LIVE online gathering to share insights, teach faith lessons, and answer questions you may have. All the calls are recorded so that you can access the replays on the members-only course portal. You can also submit questions ahead of time for me to answer during the call.
Bonus Resources

Food List, Recipes, Meal Plans, Prayers, Scripture Study Plan, Encouragement.

Your Daniel Fast Kit includes prayers, Bible study outlines, recipes, meal plans, and more. You’ll have everything you need to enter the fast with assurance. Add your time, commitment, and desire to enter this powerful experience.

Open your heart. Learn to walk by faith and not be sight.

Our Father is calling us to learn and grow with Him. He wants us to deepen our trust and our love for Him. He wants us to know Him better. To experience Him more deeply. And live a faith-driven life in the Spirit.

Allow God to Minister to You as You Open Your Heart to Him

Your Father treasures you. He loves you more than you can ever measure or imagine. He wants the very best for you. He wants you to live a bright, peaceful, loving, and happy life. Step into the fast and learn from Him. Allow Him to minister to you through prayer, study, and meditation.

The Daniel Fast changed my life. Susan's teachings gave me a deeper understanding for what it means to walk in the Spirit rather than the flesh.

– Margaret, California

I praise God for my Daniel Fast. He opened my eyes to His love for me. Now I accept that I am His child and that He only wants the best for me.

– James, Georgia

Thank you, Susan. Your messages are so inspiring and such an anchor… keeps me on course. You truly have a gift in sharing and teaching Gods word.

– Stephanie

Thank you so very much for the Scriptures you send me during my fast. They kept me going and help me have self-control on my Daniel Fast. I thank God for using you for my spiritual growth and continue to be a blessing to others.

– Nomvuyo Motlhasedi

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