How to Complete Your Daniel Fast

Here is the transcript of the video: Congratulations! You have already finished or you about to complete your Daniel Fast. I hope this has been an amazing experience for you. We are drawing near to God, leaning into Him, and learning about His ways and His truth. What...

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The Daniel Fast is NOT a Diet!!!

Here's the deal . . .  When people of faith use the word "fast," they are referring to a spiritual experience during which food is restricted for a temporary period of time for a spiritual purpose.  When people not of faith hear the word "fast," they usually...

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God, His Word, and You

When Jesus said, "Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand," the word repent is translated to "change the way you think."  We can change the way we think and be transformed by the renewing of our minds by learning more about God. We can learn more about His ways...

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Chris Pratt and the Daniel Fast

What? Hollywood and the Daniel Fast? That seems to be an unlikely pairing, right? Well, not when the reasons the story has hit all the news feeds is because of a man of God, who happens to be a famous actor, has started his New Year with extended prayer and fasting...

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How to Keep Christ in Christmas

This is a busy time of year. Very likely you're preparing for your Christmas celebration. And perhaps you're even thinking about the upcoming New Year Fast. You can learn more about the Daniel Fast by clicking this link. As you continue to prepare for the celebrations...

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Daniel Fast for Lent

Over the years, more and more Christians who fast for Lent are using the Daniel Fast as their method of fasting. While most of the practices of the fast are the same, there are a couple of differences during Lent. Lent is a season in the Christian Church...

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You have the key to his kingdom

God is working on me . . . again! Actually, I love it when He starts poking and prodding me to go higher with Him. To learn more about His nature. To gain greater understanding about kingdom living. To live more fully according to His Word.  The essence of what...

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God Searched for You!

I shared a teaching with our Choose Life Now members a while back. And the truth God showed me is still bubbling up in my mind. It's a truth that most Christians don't seem to really embrace. And consequently, even we - as God's children, His special people, His...

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